Alon Chou

筆電速寫 / Laptop sketch

2009年前往溪頭、杉林溪,以筆電寫生及體驗霧中森林的情景,有時也在公園或雨景中速寫。 同年冬天更前往阿里山,感受濕冷,呼吸高山空氣,捕捉天色變化極快的森林,並觀察原住民服飾在森林中的色調變化。

In 2009 I scheduled a trip to Xitou Nature Education Area and River SunLink to experience the scenery of misty forest and do some laptop sketches. On a regular basis, I often do laptop sketches in the city parks or in the rain.

In the winter of the same year, I also went to Mt. Ali just to investigate the atmosphere of wetness and coldness, the air texture, the volatility of the weather in the mountains, and see how the colors and tones of their costumes might vary with the circumstantial context.