Alon Chou

瓦利斯吉利 / Walis Cili阿威迪米 / Awi Temi


He led his people to fight fiercely in Battle of Mahawan. To besiege Japanese headquarter in Truwan and Mahawan, he fought bravely in the face of death and took the lead in fight the enemies. Unfortunately, he was shot heavily asked his friend Awi Temi to end his life.

在學成績優越,日文流利,善戰術,當地青年表率。瓦利斯吉利重傷時,受其 委託流淚持刀將之刺死,經歷卜托茲之役與合望溪之役後,自殺成仁。

He performed well in school for his fluency in Japanese and for his ability in strategy planning. He was regarded as a model for young people. When Walis Cili was seriously hurt, he was asked to stab him, which became unbearable to him. Later he killed himself after Battle of Butuc and Battle of Habum .