Alon Chou

巴沙歐莫那 / Basaw Mona達道莫那 / Tado Mona


The second son of Mona Rudo. He was know for his brevity. During Battle of Butuc, he got hurt heavily, but refused to fall into the hands of the enemy. Eventually his friend gulped back his tears and beheaded him.

莫那魯道長子,性格沉穩,領導馬赫坡族人作戰,其弟巴沙歐莫那重傷時,請求取下首級結束痛苦,身為兄長的達道心中悲痛無論如何下不了手...。 事件最後,日人勸降,達道與另四名僅存戰士拒絕投降,飲酒高唱與妻訣別歌後,對空鳴槍,入林上吊自盡,壯烈成仁。

Mona Rudo’s first son. he is a reserve person. He led Mahebo Tribe to fight. When his brother Basaw mona was hurt seriously, he asked for being beheaded to stop the pain. As an elder brother he was too burdensome to do it.

After the incident, the Japanese urged them to surrender, which is denied by him and other four remaining warriors. They drank and Tado sang farewell songs to his wife, shot their guns in the sky, and hanged themselves in the forest.